Friday, 28 June 2019

#C05 - Your Brand is your Number, Email ID, Address

Dial Pizzahut to order pizza
With SharkID your brand name can double as your mobile number, phone numbers, email id, website, address, blog, social handles & much more. To create your corporate card on SharkID, get in touch with us

How does it work?
- A SharkID user types your brand name & get your contact card
- User can then choose to call, email, WhatsApp or visit your website & social pages

Sirf Naam hi kaafi hai
You can reduce your ads by not printing contact coordinates or use the extra space to make your brand more memorable.  If people don't remember your brand name, they can't as such contact you. If they do, then they don't need any other handle to get in touch with you. Sirf Naam Hi Kaafi hai.

Change your mobile, domain, email id, address without going out of touch
That's right. Now your customer can call, email, WhatsApp you by just dialing your brand name. Even in the future when you change your number, email id, url, address you won't go out of touch as the customer will be dialing you by dialing your brand name.

Your SharkID is your Global Contact Coordinate
A user does not have to save your number, email id, address or social handles because he will get the same on the fly by just typing in your brand name.

To know more & to create your Corporate Card, please mail us or 

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#C04 SharkID Single Sign-on (SSO) API

Imagine if new user signing up on your website/app just has to enter his mobile number to register? Rest of the details like User Name, company name, designation, contact numbers, email id, address, etc. gets auto-filled up.  This is how it works.

How it works?
Step 1: The user enters the mobile number on your website
Step 2: User mobile number is verified using SharkID API
Step 3: On verification, biz card details are auto-filled (if available)

Know the Network
Apart from providing user biz card, we also provide
- How are you connected with the user (i.e. if your employees, customers know the user)
- If user friends & contacts are also using your service to build his trust

Interested, Lets's get started.
- Send us an email  such that our business executive can get in touch with you
- Integrated our API
- Start getting data

If the user who registered on your portal changes his job, gets promoted or relocated, we will share the new card with you too.

For more case studies mail us or

Coming Soon Animation:
Screen 0: Introducing Smart Registration Process
Screen 1: Your
Screen 2: Signs up  >
Screen 3: Enters Mobile >  Verify OTP
Screen 4: Mr. Ramesh Gupta, President, Amazing Technologies Ltd,  Phone  Fax,  Email, Address >
Screen 5: 3 of your Freinds are using our Tech >
Screen 6: 7 of your friends know Mr. Ramesh Gupta
Screen 7: Want Smart SSO for your website/App?
Screen 8:

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#C03 Digitize biz cards lying in your drawer & unlock opportunities

Companies / Individuals collect thousands of biz cards, but sadly cards end up in the drawer. Now you can digitize them & get the data in CSV/Excel format or VCF formats. Once you have data you can send them email, SMS or send brochures.

Digitize 1000's of biz cards you have
All you have to do is scan biz cards using SharkID app. Alternatively, our authorized representative can scan it on your behalf. All one has to do is take pictures of biz cards. Our advance OCR & AI will do the rest i.e. convert the biz card image into Excel file.

Stay Updated + See the network.
Once the cards are digitized;
1- You'll continue to get future updates i.e. if card owner is promoted, relocated or changed job
2- Know how your contacts, customer & employees are connected with the card owner

With this info, you can re-approach & explore business opportunities.

For more case studies mail us or

Scan cards & Save Trees
When you accept biz card, you help people who kill trees to make paper for printing biz cards. There is a better & greener way to exchange biz cards. Scan it using SharkID. So next time someone hands you a biz card Take it > Scan it >Return it & save trees. Even when your organization is participating in Trade Shows & Exhibitions please ensure that you do not collect cards but scan it instead.

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Thursday, 27 June 2019

#C02 Resuable Eco Friendly Biz Card by SharkID

Introducing Reusable Eco-Friendly Biz Card > Scanning Friendly
Now get reusable biz cards for all your employees which are OCR friendly. Since they are cost-effective @Rs.10/Card, you can issue this biz card to each & every employee and make them feel that they are equally important.

# Benefits to Individuals:
Benefit 1: Scan Cards > Save Trees
Reusable biz cards can be scanned using any card scanner app like SharkID.  Plus when you scan cards, you save Trees. You can use SharkID app to even scan paper biz card. So next time take card > scan it > return it & save future trees from being killed.

Benefits 2: Scan Cards > Plant Trees
Every time you scan 10 biz cards on SharkID, SharkID will plant a tree sapling. So do your bit to save the environment, scan more trees to get more trees planted.

Benefit 3: Know who all have scanned your card
When people scan your biz card, you will receive their card using our reverse sync technology.  Even if you are not a SharkID user, you will get the detail via SMS/Email.

Benefit 4: Know mutual friend & reference
SharkID SharkID can find mutual friends of the person who scanned the card. If the person is not in your network SharkID will find reference i.e. if any of your friends know the person who scanned the card. Your Friend (1st degree) or their friend (2nd degree) knows the person who scanned your card.

Benefit 5: Never go out of touch, stay updated
With SharkID you never go out touch. If the person who scanned your card if he changes his job, gets promoted or relocated, you will get the new contact coordinates.

Ask for your Demo:
For Demo, please mail us at, or message us on our FB, Linkedin, Insta page.

# Benefits to Company
Benefit 1: Who all scanned your employee biz cards
Biz cards are company property. Hence ever time it gets scanned, the company will get an update. You can track how many people on the planet have scanned your employee's biz cards.

Benefit 2: How are your employees connected with lead
Companies can track how many employees & lead connected.

Benefit 3: How are you connected with employees of the lead company
Companies can also track how many employees are there in the lead company & how are you connected with them.

Benefit 4: Stay connected with all your leads
In Future, if a Lead gets promoted, relocated, or changes the job you will get updates and thus stay in touch with all your customer, forever.

Ask for your Demo:
For Demo, please mail us at, or message us on our FB, Linkedin, Insta page.

Anyone person has to scan Card?
When we exchange physical biz card, both user share cards. But when you scan SharkID, only one person has to scan biz card. The other person whose card was scanned will get biz card using SharkID reverse sync method.

How to get Reusable Biz Cards for Free?
Send us your employee data in CSV/Excel format containing the following details
- Name
- Designation
- Mobile Number
- Email ID
- Land line Number

Also, send across company details like
- Company Name
- Logo
- Address
- Land Lines
- Fax Number
- Website URL

Ask for your Demo:
For Demo, please mail us at, or message us on our FB, Linkedin, Insta page.

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#C01 SharkID KYC API

SharkID Know Your Customer - API

How SharkID is helping TenderTiger new user identify relevant references. 

Valid Reference
Next time when a new user signing up on your website, app or visiting store/office can know as to how many of his friends are doing business with you. This way his trust in your company will go up. Talk to us such that your users feel confident about your product/service.

Reverse Reference
Similarly, your employees can know as how many of your customers are already friend with the new user who has just signed up on your website, app or walked into your office/shop. This will help them win new user trust & close the deal. Let's talk.

Interesting, how to get started?
All you need to do is integrate SharkID App. To get started mail us about your business on or Case Study: is the world's leading Tender Notice & Tender Result listing platform. Annually more than 10 million new biz opportunities from across the world are posted there. They have integrated SharkID API to win new user trust by showing them as to how many of their friends are already using the portal. Do sign up on SharkID to explore this biz.

For more case studies mail us or

Business Model:
- Pay if and only if a valid reference is shown or found
- Available on SAAS model pay/reference model
- API can be customized as per your requirement

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SharkID Features

SharkID can be used by companies, professionals as well as individuals. To know how SharkID can make your company, employees or individuals more efficient & productive, go through below post.

SharkID for Companies:
#C1: Show new users which of their Friends bank on you.
#C2: Reusable Eco-Friendly Biz Cards for all employees
#C3: Digitize biz cards lying in your drawer
#C4: SharkID Single Sign-on (SSO) API 
#C5: Your Brand is your Number, Email ID, Address
#C6: Visitor Management Solution by SharkID 
#C7: Keep your CRM/ERP updated with SharkID
#C8: Find friends & reference on the fly
#C9: HR Solutions by SharkID
#C10: Know who has saved your company numbers
#C11: Alumni Network for Colleges

SharkID for Professionals
#P1: Scan Card, Save Trees - Blog Pending
#P2: Call Reminders / Appointments
#P3: SharkID Pro Version - Ads Free - Blog Pending
#P4: Claim Fancy Mobile Number - Blog Pending
#P5: Publish Biz Card - Blog Pending
#P6: Share/Collect Contacts by scanning QR Code - Blog Pending

SharkID for Individuals
#U1: Phonebook with AI
#U2: Smart listing of contacts (not alphabetically)
#U3: Favourite Contacts
#U4: Smart Contact Serch
#U5: Contact Filters
#U6: Fancy mobile number
#U8: Know who has saved your contact
#U9: You may also know
#U10: Mutual Freinds & References
#U11: Message & Notifications
#U12: Send Email, SMS & Whatsapp from SharkID
#U13: Tag a Friend
#U14: Complete Profile - Blog Pending
#U15: Default Phonebook / Caller Screen - Blog Pending
#U16: Delete Account - Blog Pending
#U20: Offers - Blog Pending
#U21: Fantasy Cricket
#U22: People Search - Blog Pending
#U23: Configurations - Blog Pending
#U24: SharkID Dialler - Blog Pending
#U25: Recent Calls - Blog Pending
#U26: Ads - Blog Pending
#U27: Refer / Invite - Blog Pending
#U28: Block / Delete / Report Contact - Blog Pending
#U30: Privacy - Blog Pending
#U31: Seven reason why you need SharkID
#U32: Don't save contacts & still be able to connect

SharkID step by step guide?
#H01 - How to claim/edit Fancy Mobile Number/SharkID?
#H02 - How to add/edit Hashtags & Tags?
#H03 - How to add company URL/Social handles?
#H04 - How to check the phonebook network?
#H05 - How to refer or invite?
#H06 - How to add your business card?
#H07 - How to edit personal profile / complete personal profile?

Partnership Opportunity
#P01 - Business Card Printers
#P02 - CRM/ERP Companies
#P03 - Human Resource Management Solution Providers
#P04 - Visitor Management Solution Providers

For Qualified Trade Show & Exhibition SharkID Representative

If you have received our approval over email to participate in the exhibition. If not, click here to find exhibition & take approval again.

Step 1: Become SharkID Champion.
You have to explain the key features to professionals; Click here to learn more
#1- How to scan biz card on your own (SharkID > Menu > Scan Biz Card)
#2- How to see a mutual connection & references
#4- How to set call reminder?
#5- How to see scanned biz cards (contacts > filter > scanned biz cards)?
#6- How to see "Who has my number" & Friends you may also know?
#7- How to send/accept the Friend request?
#8- How to claim & use Fancy mobile number?
#9- How to take backup?
#10-How to send WhatsApp, email from SharkID?

Step 2: Learn how to scan card
To scan biz cards on behalf of Stall Owners do the following;
#1 Open SharkID > Menu > Settings > Click "Scan others biz card". 
Important Note: Do not scan card using SharkID > Menu > Scan biz card link. Contact will get added to your phonebook.

#2 Enter Stall Owner "6 alphabets referral code". If the owner is not on SharkID, first ask him to install the app using your referral link.

#3 Start scanning 10 biz cards stall owner has collected at a Time. After 10 cards, close the scanning window & start again. You do not have to enter referral code again unless you are doing it for the new exhibitor.

#4 After 10 biz cards are uploaded on server you'll get a success notification. This may take time depending on your internet speed. Each image is less than 250KB.

#5 After you get the success notification to go to Images > Folders > Find SharkID-Cards & delete the images of cards. Do not delete the images, if you do not get the images.

Important Points to be kept in mind when scanning/taking pictures
- If the card is horizontal, keep it horizontal & capture in landscape mode.

- If the card is vertical, keep it vertical & capture in landscape mode.
- Capture in full light but without glare
- Avoid light reflection on card
- The image should be a perfect rectangle that fits in the screen. Don't zoom in or zoom out.
- User clean background & ensure that the image has no other printed text than biz card.
- Ensure the card is properly focused & text is readable

When can stall owner see the card?
Step 1: After you scan the cards, it's uploaded on our servers. You need a good internet connection.
Step 2: Cards are digitized using OCR & Artificial Intelligence Logic. If our software fails to recognize the card, cards are manually digitized
Step 3: Cards are checked for accuracy & published.
Once the cards are published, it will get reflected install owner Sharkid. To see the cards click 1. Contacts > 2. Filter > 3. Scanned cards.

When can exhibitor/stall owner see cards?
- If the scanning is perfect, OCR is accurate, the card is uploaded successfully, exhibitor had a good internet connection, he will get notification within a few minutes.

- If scanning is not good, OCR fails, we will manually digitize card & update. This may take a few hours

Terms and Conditions:
- Ensure your profile is complete
Please ensure your scan unique cards on each stall. Even if you scan, Duplicate cards will not be counted by our AI.

- We will pay you to scan 50 cards/stall. Teach stall owner how to scan more (SharkID > Menu > Scan Biz card)

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Earn Rs.100/Referral

SharkID has recently launched the biz card scanning feature. We want professionals to start scanning biz card & returning it after scanning. This way future trees can be saved. And for every 10 biz cards scanned, we will plant one tree.

Get Rs. 500 for just attending the Trade Show/Exhibition
Let us know about the upcoming exhibition in your city/town. Read below as how you can find exhibitions. If we like the Trade show/exhibition you are suggesting we will give you Rs. 500 to just attend it. You can earn thousands of rupees by scanning biz card on behalf of exhibitors/stall owners.

Where & How to find Exhibitions/Trade Shows in your city?
Visit below links to see trade shows happening across India or Google Trade Show & your city name or Exhibition & your city name.

To claim your Rs. 500,  do the following;
Identify upcoming exhibitions coming in and around your city and mail us at

What you have to do?
Step 1: Visit Exhibition/Tradeshow in your City 
Step 2: Convince Stall Owner to install App 
Step 3: Scan 50 biz cards on Stall Owner behalf 
Earn Rs. 100 PayTM Cashback

You can Earn up to Rs. 5000/Exhibition in a Day?
B2B exhibitions or Trade Show 50+ stalls. You'll earn Rs. 100/Stall. So if you visit all 50 stalls, convince them to install SharkID & scan cards using SharkID, you can earn Rs. 5000/Day. Please note, to take pictures of 50 unique biz cards it will take less than 5 Minutes.

If Interested, do the following;
Identify upcoming exhibitions coming in and around your city and mail us at

Only a few people/city will be allowed to represent SharkID. So hurry, offer may close soon. Once you have been approved, we will share with you the process of scanning biz card on behalf of Stall Owners. To know how to scan click here.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Scan Biz Cards to Plant Trees. Become SharkID Influencer.

What's SharkID Influencers Programme?
We are inviting professional to use SharkID scan biz card & earn existing prizes like plant Trees, Amazon Voucher, Upgrade to the pro version. As SharkID influencer, you have to help us scan 20 or more biz cards.

Who can become SharkID Influencer?
We are seeking professionals who can educate other professionals about "Scan Card, Save Tree" initiative of SharkID. You need to have your own biz card to become SharkID influencers.

What you have to do as SharkID influencers?
As SharkID influencers, you'll have to scan 101+ Biz Cards of people you meet, share the benefits of SharkID & invite them to install the app.

Scan Card & Earn Shark Points
- Earn 100 Shark Points when you scan your own biz card
- Earn 5 Shark Points when a valid unique biz card is scanned
You can redeem once you have earned 250 Points.

Redeem Shark Points for exciting points?
- 100 SharkID points / 20 Cards = 1 Tree planted in your name
- 250 SharkID points / 50 Cards = Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 250
- 1000 SharkID points /200 Cards =  1 Year free subscription of SharkID Professional  i.e. Ads Free

To plant trees we have tied up with Seed Laddu Trust. Scan more cards & green the planet.

Scan biz card, spread seeds.

The Problem - A tree is killed to grow your business
100 Million+ professionals globally exchange billions of biz cards annually. This results in millions of trees being killed to print paper for biz cards. You can alternatively Scan biz cards with SharkID & together we can save millions of trees. Every time you scan a card, you'll earn Shark Points that you can redeem on Amazon Vouchers, Upgrade to the professional version or get trees planted in your name.
scan biz card to create a contact & get a tree planted.

Join SharkID to become an Eco Shark. Next time you meet a professional take his/her biz card, scan it using SharkID & return the biz card. If you scan it properly, contact would be immediately created & you can see mutual friends between you & the card owner.  If the card is not machine-readable, our back-office team will manually digitize it, which may take a few hours.

- The person whose card you are scanning need not be on SharkID
- Just one user has to scan the card. The other person will get, using SharkID reverse sync technology.

Why Scan Biz Cards?
- You save trees, by not sharing/accepting physical cards
- Scan 10 biz cards & get a tree sapling planted in your name
- If your biz card gets scanned 10 times, a tree gets planted in your name.

For Tree plantation, SharkID has tied up with Seed Laddu Trust, which uses guerrilla plantation technique to plant trees on large scale.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Free Eco Friendly Biz Cards for Everyone

Now Exchange Biz Card & get a Tree planted for Free.
- Ask people to scan your biz card & return your card back to you.
- When people give you biz card, scan it & return it too
Remember this mantra.  Take > Scan  > Return 

Get Eco-Friendly Biz card for your Team
SharkID is giving away eco-friendly biz card (similar to a credit card) for Free. They can be easily scanned by any contact scanning app like SharkID.  Next time someone asks for a biz card, give your card, ask them to scan it  & take it back. This will not only save future trees from being killed. For every 10 people who scan your cad, 1 tree will be planted on your behalf. To claim Free Eco-Friendly Biz Card for your team, mail us at,

Scan 10 Cards to plant 1 Tree 

If you scan 10 Biz Cards in SharkID, 1 Tree gets planted.
If 10 people scan your Biz Card, 1 Tree gets planted.
For the same, SharkID has tied up with Seed Laddu Foundation.

Why SharkID?

- Keeps your phone-book updated, real-time. Never go out of touch with your contacts
- Shows mutual Friends between you & a contact
- Smart caller ID, show who's calling & whose friend is calling
- Never miss a call appointment. Set call reminders
- Know who all have saved your phone numbers.
- Scan Cards and get trees planted. Go Green.

To claim Free Eco-Friendly Biz Card for your team, mail us at or

How to scan a biz card?
Open SharkID App > Menu > Scan Biz Card. That's it. 
You can see all cards you have scanned in SharkID > Contacts > Filter > Scanned Cards
If the card is not machine-readable, it will be manually digitized by SharkID team. Once it is digitized, it will be reflected under scanned cards as shown above.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Business Card Scanning FAQ

You can now Scan Biz Card with SharkID, here is all you need to know about it.

1. Now digitize customers or visitors biz cards in 2 easy steps: 
a. Take Picture of Biz Cards
b. View Contact  in Phonebook or Download Excel / VCF File

2. Before you proceed, decide who you want to scan cards for?
a. Yourself. All cards you scan will get saved in your SharkID phonebook.
b. Scanning on behalf of Senior Professionals > Take user email id e.g.
c. Scanning on behalf of Company >  Take company email id e.g.

3. How to scan biz cards for Yourself?
Open SharkID App >  Menu > Scan Biz Cards
All cards you scan, will get added to your contact. If you wish to see only scanned cards go to SharkID > Contacts > Filter > Scanned cards

4. How to scan biz cards for Others?
If you are scanning biz cards for others do the following;
a. Open SharkID > Menu > Setting > Click "Scan others biz card"

b. Ask user, if they want contacts in Email 
If Yes. Ask for their email ID.
Ask user to visit & create an account to download the file.

b. Ask user, if they want contacts to be saved in their phonebook
If Yes. Ask for their referral code.

Please ensure that the user has created an account before you start scanning cards. Use the same email id.

5. How data is digitized?
a. After you take pictures of visiting cards, Shark ID intelligent AI digitizes data.
b This is then verified by humans & approved.
Once cards are approved, it gets reflected in your account. With time accuracy of our software will increase, so we expect patience from our patrons.

6. Important Points to be kept in mind when scanning/taking pictures
- Capture pictures in landscape mode /Horizontally
- Capture in full light
- Avoid lamp or reflection
- The image should fit within the rectangle frames
- Ensure the card is properly focused & text is readable

7. What happens after you take pictures?
a. We will convert a high-resolution image that your camera takes into smaller size image to make upload faster & reduce your bandwidth usage.
b. Image is converted into text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software
c. On Server, OCR text is processed by our AI and biz cards is created

8. How many cards I have scanned?
- Take one picture /card
- If you take 2 or more pictures, the card will get merged on server

9. When Cards get uploaded?
After you have taken pictures, the uploading will start. If you have more than 25 Cards, after taking pictures of 25 cards, close the window such that uploading can start in the background.  You can continue taking pictures of the next 25 cards.

10. What to do in case of 2 Sided business cards i.e. Front & Back Side of 
We only support 1 sided card scanning.  In the case of cards where information is available on 2 sides, take the picture of a side which has name & number.

11. What happens when the same card is Scanned by more than 1 people?
Our AI engine is smart enough to detect the same card and clubs them both.

12. What happens when the card is not properly scanned?
- If Name & mobile number is missing, the card is not created
- If the card is partly scanned, it will get deleted

After you have taken the picture of biz cards, close the screen. After you close scanning screen, the picture will get uploaded on the SharkID, where SharkID AI will digitize it and the user on whose behalf biz card was scanned will get cards back

13. Two formats we support?
a. Excel/CSV format to export data to ERP, CRM, Website, etc.
b. VCF format to export data to Gmail, Phonebook, etc.

15. How to download file?
SharkID will send you an invitation mail to create an account on the email ID you had provided to a person who was scanning it.

16. Who should you trust for scanning cards?
a. You can scan it yourself.
b. If you are busy, you can ask one of your office assistants to scan on your behalf.
c. If you do not have anyone to scan, you can use one of our approved partners.

17. How much do we charge for scanning?
We charge Rs. 1/Card.  Our service includes;
- Scanning fee
- Digitization fee
- 1 Year update
- Back up

18. Do not save biz cards on your phone?
When you take picture of biz cards, they are temporarily saved in your phonebook till it is not successfully uploaded. Cards are not saved in the phonebook. Do not, in any case, open camera & take pictures of biz cards. You will be blacklisted if you do the same. Remember, cards are company/user property & not yours or ours.

19. What happens after Scanning?
Step 1: Once cards are scanned > they are digitized using OCR technology in the phone.
Step 2: Both Image & OCR text is then uploaded on the servers.
Step 3: Card are manually checked, edited & published.
Step 4: User can download data in excel sheet

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Signup for SharkID Partners

SharkID is looking for Sales Partners who can help us market our services locally, across India.

SharkID Services:
1. Biz Cards Digitization Services:
Business exchange cards. Over period of time thousands of cards get exchanged. As per our survey, a company with just 10 sales people can gathers close to 5000 business cards in a years times. These are dead leads, lying in company drawers.

SharkID partners can converts these dead leads into opportunities by scanning physical biz cards & converting them into Excel sheet. This data can then be pushed into ERP, CRM, etc. We charge Rs. 1/Card for digitization.

2. Discover Connection
If you are calling someone for the first time, chances are they will not take your call. We help companies identify the mutual connections, which will improve their sales close rate dramatically.  We charge Rs. 10/Number if successful mutual connection is found. Our partners are supposed to sell these service.

3. Help customer keep their CRM, ERP updated
Companies have thousand & lakhs of records in their CRM. From time to time people change job, address or number. Moreover, people get promoted, add new social handles, etc. Over time these database gets outdated.  Companies can keep their CRM/ERP live by integrating SharkID API. We charge just Rs. 1/lead. A single contract will be of thousands of leads.

4. Messaging Service
The easiest way to communicate with customers is by sending them SMS, Email, Notification, etc. We help companies do the same. Our partners have to sell our messaging services.

5. Lead Generation Service / Advertisements
More than 2 Million people have installed SharkID. Companies can generate leads for their business by adverting on SharkID. It can be just banner ads or lead forms.  Our parents has to collect advertisements to be run on SharkID platform.

Partners Earning Potential
We expect companies to pay Rs. 5K/month or Rs. 60K/year
We expect our partners to services 100 customers/city or Rs. 60 Lakh/Year
Our partners will get 50% of the Total revenue as their Share for year 1
and 40% of the total revenue from 2nd year onwards

Partner Prequalification criteria?
- Should be 1 year old company
- Should have 11 Customers
- Should have minimum 3 employees
- Should be able to dedicated 1 resource for SharkID

How SharkID will help Partners?
- Book stall in B2B exhibitions in Partner City
- Generate leads using Social media, our own database and advertisements
- Pass on Local leads to Partners for closure
- Train partners

To become a partner, get in touch with; 
Mr. Mubin Munshi at .9898997500 or
Mr Ramesh Sinha  at .9924332267 or email

How to Digitize Visitors Business Card?

How to scan?
SharkID allows you to scan biz card in 3 ways;
- Scan biz card for yourself
- Scan biz card on behalf of your CEO/MD
- Scan biz card on behalf of your Company.

#1 How to scan biz card for yourself?
Step 1: Open SharkID > Go to Menu 
Step 2: Click Scan Biz cards > Give access to the camera
Step 3: Take Picture >  Repeat.
You can scan 10 cards at a times. If you have more than 10 biz cards close the window & start again 

How scanning works?
Step 1: Once you take pictures of cards, images are uploaded on SharkID servers.
Step 2: Images will be refined to make it OCR readable & Text is extracted
Step 3: AI engine processes text to identify the name, designation, address, contact numbers, etc.
Step 4: Mutual friend between you & card owner is identified.
Step 5: Card is pushed back to your phone

SMS Notification:
When you scan card, an SMS is sent to a person whose card was scanned on your behalf;

"Your Name", "Mobile Number" scanned your biz card in SharkID app to find mutual friends between you & him. To grow your network install SharkID app -

Important Notice:
At SharkID we believe that we should control who has our number and not another way round that is controlling whose number we have in our phonebook. Hence the above message is being sent. A SharkID user can delete his/her number from your phonebook, so kindly scan cards with the prior permission of biz card owners.

How long does it take to process card?
Image correction, OCR & AI Processing roughly takes approx one minute/card.  When you scan a card, gets queued up behind other cards already in the queue. So it may take anything from a few minutes to hours. Once it is done you will be notified. You get 2 notification. 1. When your image is successfully uploaded. 2. When your card is successfully digitized & added to your contacts. 

Where can I find scanned cards?
Open SharkID > View contacts or  
Open SharkID > View contacts > Filter > Scanned Cards or
Open SharkID >  Search name

Scan all cards today, it's Free. And see how are you are connected with them.

#2 How to scan biz cards on behalf of someone else.
If you are busy & want your assistant to scan card on your behalf ask him/her to do the following;
Step 1: Open SharkID > Go to Menu > Settings > 
Step 2: Click Scan Others Biz Cards >  Ask her/him to enter your Referral ID or Email ID > 
Step 3: Start scanning, 10 cards at a time

If SharkID referral code was provided: After cards are scanned, the contact will get added in your phonebook if your referral code was added.
If email ID was provided at the time of scanning: You can download the data by creating an account on with same email id & download excel sheet or vcf file.

To Get CSV/Excel file + VCF/Contact Card File
Log on to > create account > download Data

Scan all cards today, it's Free. And see how are you are connected with them.

#3 Scan on behalf of a Company
Companies collect 1000's of cards every month because their sales team meet 100's of people or they participate in the exhibition, trade shows, conferences, etc. Now all such biz cards collected can be digitized using SharkID such that it can be pushed to your ERP, CRM, HR System, etc.

How to scan biz cards on behalf of the company?
Step 1: Open SharkID > Go to Menu > Settings > 
Step 2: Click Scan Others Biz Cards >  enter company generic email id i.e.
Step 3: Start scanning, 10 cards at a time

To Get CSV/Excel file + VCF/Contact Card File
Log on to > create account > download Data

We can do it for you, for Rs. 1/Card
If you want we can send our representative to digitize biz cards on your behalf. All we will charge is Rs. 1/Card provided you have a minimum of 500 Cards.

Get in touch with us:
If you are interested, mail us at or One of our representatives will get in touch with you.

Remember, If you scan cards it's Free.