Tuesday, 13 August 2019

How to edit personal profile to make it complete?

Ensure that your profile is complete such that you can participate in all offers. Don't worry, your profile is Private by default. Only your Friends can access it. And you can always unfriend. So to activate offer particpate button profile, please complete your profile.
1- Select Gender Male or Female
2- Add Profile Picture
3- Add actual name & surname without spelling mistake
4- Add Hashtags
5- Add secondary Mobile Number & verity it (OTP)
6- Add email ID & verify it
7- Add emergency contact Name & Number
8- Add home address, city, state, country, pincode
9- Add GeoTag
10- Add Date of Birth
11- Add Blood Group
12- Add Social Handles (optional) Learn more
13- Claim Fancy Number. Learn More

Why profile should be 100% complete?
When someone calls you, you can see his name & profile picture. If you become friends with the caller on SharkID, the caller can see your email, address, social handles, hashtag, emergency etc. If your profile is complete, your friend will have all your social coordinates and hence completing your profile is necessary. If your profile is incomplete, you cannot redeem money.

Unless your profile is complete, you cannot participate in any Offer.

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