Friday, 9 August 2019

Scan & Earn Rs. 51/BizCard

Q1. Are you a professional?
Q2. Do you have a biz card with biz email id?
If you have answered yes, then you can earn Rs. 51/biz card. There are 2 steps involved.

Step 1: Scan your own biz card & earn Rs. 51
- Install SharkID
- Scan your own biz card
- Participate in Scan & earn offer
- Claim Rs. 51 PayTM Cashback

Important Note: 
1- You should have printed biz card
2- The mobile number mentioned in your profile & biz card should be the same & verified
3- Email id mentioned in your profile & biz card should be same & verified
Only after the above 3 conditions are met, can you claim Rs 51

Step 2: Scan others biz cards & earn Rs. 51/Card
Once you have completed step 1, you can scan other biz card & earn Rs. 51/cards scanned & referred.
- Scan biz cards of others i.e. suppliers, clients, friends
- After scanning, go to contacts > filter > scanned card & Invite them to install SharkID
- Help them to install SharkID & Scan biz card like you did in step 1 above
- Send/Accept friend request
- When they claim Rs. 51, you'll also earn Rs. 51

Terms & Conditions
- This offer is only for professionals who have a biz card
- Read offer & FAQ before you participate in this offer
- Do read offer general terms & conditions

For support: Whatsapp/Call us at 6352016766


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