Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Feature 4: Searching a Contact

Feature 4: Searching a Contact

1. We made searching Obsolete?
Contacts are listed in 4 ways to ensure that you can find them easily.
a. AI / Predictive Listing
b. Recent Call  Listing
c. Favorite Contact Listing
d. Alphabetically Listing like native phonebook
Answer one simple question about searching a contact & stand a chance to win Rs. 501.

2. Search contacts by their Hobby, Sports, Business, City, Designation, etc.
SharkID has Full-Text Search embedded within the app which means  you can contact by their Hobbies, Sports, User Name, Company Name, Emergency Contact Name, Designation, City, State, Country, Emergency Contact, Email ID, Phone Number, Website, hashtag users have added themselves, Tags you have added, Product description, Fancy Number, etc

3. How is it possible to search for contacts by their Hobbies, Sports?
In native phonebook, a user adds typically adds just name & mobile number against a contact to save effort & time. In the case of SharkID, the user themselves publish their detailed personal & biz cards.
Moreover, like any other social media, our users also add small data for each & every contact like email, hobbies, skill, etc. This helps us build a complete profile of a user using crowdsourcing & thus we can enable search by hobbies, sports, etc.

4. Don't Forget to Tag Contacts, to make the search easier. 
Do you forget names of contacts or the context as to where & how you met them? No worries, now you can tag contacts by their profession, hobbies, sports, skills, etc. Try it.
Open Contact > click on add tag button below the profile picture

4. Voice Search:
We have also enabled voice search, such that you can dial the contact by saying their name.

Answer & Win Rs. 501/-
Answer one simple question about searching a contact & stand a chance to win Rs. 501.

Can you search a contact by their hobbies or sports they play who has to add these details?

Answer Options:
A. Both User & Contact
B. None
C. Anyone User or contact
D. Friends

How to Answer?
Write any one option i.e. A, B, C or  D  along with your Fancy Mobile Number in the comment box below as shown below.
B,  Ramesh


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