Wednesday, 31 July 2019

How to add hashtag in biz card?

People are in general poor at remembering names. Hence if you add Hashtags to your profile, you become easily discoverable. Add hashtags that define your strength & skills.  If you are a professional your hashtags can be #deparement #brandname #skills #expertise #rewards #Productyousell #Industry etc.

When adding hashtag think how will your client search you if he forgets your name

To edit biz card click on DP. To add new biz card click on Business Card.

Select use another email id to add professional email id

Add multiple hashtags. Do not add # before a word, we will automatically add it.

Seen above is a screen where the user is entering a word to be hashtagged. 
Importartanant: If you are playing network T20 offer, add hashtag domain name + T20 as one word.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

How to add company website to your biz card?

Let's learn how to add social media handles, URL, BLOG link, etc on SharkID to your profile. For example, let's try to add your company website to your profile.

Please ensure that you have the latest version of SharkID app installed in your phone for best results.

For example, let's try to add a company website to your biz card. To add personal social handles, click on DP.

If you want to edit existing biz cad click on DP & proceed. Here we are trying to create a new card & adding social handles.

Click on down arrow to see list of social media, internet, etc. options

Select WWW if you wish to add company URL

Add company URL & other details & publish the card.

Network Shark FAQ

#1 - How to invite Contacts to Install SharkID.
Click here to learn here how to invite.
Invite all your contacts to install SharkID. This will make your network bigger, faster.
Or go to contacts > swipe contact right to left > click on invite.
Or Menu > Invite Friends > Select Whatsapp/SMS > Select contacts > Send invites
Or Offers > Invite

#2 - How to check my phonebook network 
Click here to check your phonebook network
Or Menu > Click on your profile > Click on My network icon > See your 1st, 2nd & 3rd-degree connections.

#3 - When Results will be announced
Results will be announced on 1st working day of the month i.e.
1st Winner - 1st August 2019
2nd Winner - 2nd September 2019
3rd Winner - 1st October 2019
4th Winner - 1st October 2019
5th Winner - 1st November 2019
6th Winner - 2nd December 2019
If you don't win, keep add friends & growing your network. You will eventually win. Don't forget to invite your contacts who are not on SharkID, this will help you beat other contestants.

#4 - Make More friends on SharkID
To know which of your Freinds are on SharkID go to contacts > filter > SharkiD contact. To make friends, click on their name/profile picture & send a friend request. Or check notification & accept friend request you have received.

#5 - Why Phonebook Network Matters?
Suppose you & I are good friends. I have 6000 contacts in my phonebook. Now when you call a Friend of mine (1 out of 6000 contacts), SharkID will show my name as "Mutual Friend".  When you tell your client that I am also your customer, his trust will go up as I am already known to him. Thus with SharkID, you can close more deals, easily by exploiting your phonebook network.

#5 - Offer Terms & Conditions
- To qualify a minimum of 11 Friends is required
- The person with the maximum 2nd-degree network on result date will be declared as #networkshark
- In the case of Tie,  two or more person with the same number of 2nd-degree connection, the person with more SharkID friend will win
- The winner has to claim gift by clicking Redeem Button within 48 hours from time result is announced.
- The gift will be dispatched within 14 days from date result is announced
- Your rank will change daily, so keep checking it frequently
- To win, invite all contact to install SharkID & send/accept a Friend request.
- Do not accept the friend request of strangers or spam
- Ensure that your profile is complete & proper. Your name has to match one in Govt. records.
- Gift tax & all other government taxes will have to be borne by a winner

- Please also go through our General Terms & Conditions

Monday, 29 July 2019

How to scan biz cards of others?

Now you can scan biz card & stay updated if business card owner changes number, job, or address. What's more, it's as easy as taking a picture as explained below.

Scan biz card  to save trees, see mutual friends & stay updated if card owner changes job, address, number

Scanning cards involves just taking a picture, that's it.  Give permission to access the camera, if prompted.

Scan horizontally. Place card within the rectangle. Get the image in focus & click to digitize. 

The card may take 1 to a few minutes to get digitized.  To view the digitised card, follow the above steps.

To view details of the business card scanned or network click on the name of the contact.
View Card. As & when the card owner will the card, your phonebook will get auto updated.

How to check your phonebook network?

400M Indian Mobile Users are either 1st, 2nd, 3rd-degree network.   To check your network, do the following;

Please note, more SharkID friends you have, bigger is your network.

Don't forget to ensure your Name, Profile Picture is proper.

Phonebook network shows how many mobile users your contacts are connected to.

1st degree are our contacts. 2nd degree are contacts of your contacts. 3rd degree are contacts of your 2nd degree contacts.

What's 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree network?
1st Degree - Are your Friends on SharkID
2nd Degree  - Are unique contacts of your 1st-degree contacts
3rd Degree  - Are unique contacts of your 2nd-degree contacts
More friends you have, bigger the network you have.
It's Secure, 100 Percent.
Nor can you see anyone contacts nor can you see other's contacts. SharkID just shows you for any phone number, who are your possible mutual friend & references.

Understanding Mutual Friend & References:
#Mutual Friends
 - When your friend knows both you & the phone number owner you are searching for

 - When your friend knows someone, who knows the phone number owner you are searching for.

How to grow your 2nd-degree network?
The more friends you have on SharkID, the bigger your network becomes. So ask all your contacts to install SharkID, if you are really interested in growing your network.

How to invite?

Before you invite friends to install SharkID do the following;
- Find contact who are not on SharkID. Don't spam or invite strangers.
- Call them & explain about SharkID app and why they should install it
- Tell them you will send them invite link via Whatsapp or other messaging tools. 
- Insist that they install the app using your referral link.

How to invite in a few easy steps?
You can invite from Offer or by swiping contact from right to left.

Select offer in which you want your friend & colleagues to particpate

If you have not participated participate in the same & then click invite button

Select Whatsapp or any other messaging tool you wish to use to invite friends & colleagues

Edit or send a message as it is.  Once friend installs SharkID, you will be notified. FWD the last message to multiple friends & colleagues from WhatsApp itself. Do not spam.

How to publish Business Card on SharkID?

Anyone can publish biz card in a few easy steps as shown below.

Note: You can click your profile or business card to create a biz card.

Note: Click on + sign to go to add biz cards screen

Note: Please use biz email id if available & verify it to get verified tag.

Add Hashtag that describes your skills like #Sales #Marketing #Digital Marketing 

- You can add multiple biz cards
- You can save your biz card as Public or Private. If marked private, your contacts will have to send you friend request first, and only when you accept it, can they see your details

How to get better ranking on SharkID?
- Add biz card
- Do not add any wrong information
- Fill all details, our else your rating will be less
- Add all your social handles to your biz card
- Add a proper logo.
- Verify the email id, it's a must.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Live Alumni Startups Incubation Program

SharkID is giving away Rs. 1Mn Seed Capital
If your college has an incubation center, then we'll invest Rs.1M as seed capital in ideas in & around Alumni Network over & above mentoring support.

About SharkID
SharkID is jointly owned by 2 renowned IT companies namely Silver Touch Technologies Limited & eProcurement Technologies Limited. Between them, they employ 2000 people & enterprise valuation will be in excess of Rs.500 Cr. SharkID was launched in April 2017 & in 2 years it crossed 2M Instal i.e. by March 2019.

Why college should have Live Alumni Network
Schools & Colleges have educated thousands & lakhs of students. But has failed to keep in touch with them. With the right technology, now schools & colleges can keep their Alumni database live.

6 Steps Process to get in touch with your Alumni 
1. Track Students on Social Media i.e. FB, Linkedin, etc.
2. Get in touch with them & make Friends
3. Ask Alumni to create Whatsapp Group & and add batchmates
4. Collect their biz card - Scanned Images
5. Use SharkID to digitize the biz card from biz card images
6. See the network & stay updated
The startup we'll fund will use the above 6 step process to keep your alumni database updated.

# Benefits of LiveAlumni to Schools/Colleges
- Know where their students are working & in which position
- Download the latest coordinate & keep your database updated
- Invite past students for guest lecture & knowledge sharing
- Get internship & research projects
- Raise funds for Charity & College development
- Create Alumni Network & help network help each other (using SharkID API)
- & many more benefits

# Funding:
Users in '000Funding in Mn INRAcq. Cost/UserRev/Year Mn INRTimeLine
10.1100NA3 Months
101100NA12 Months
1007.5755M24 Months
1000505025M36 Months
Total - 1000Total - 58.6Total - 30M3 Years
SharkID will take small equity in your venture.

# Market Size:
Once the student rolls out Live Alumni in their college, they can expand their operation & cater to different school  & colleges. The market size is close to 500 M Live users.
- 1000 Universities
- 50,000 recognized High Schools & Colleges
- 500M self-employed & employed workforce
- 25M new students get added every year

#If interested, let's connect. Mail us at

Friday, 19 July 2019

#NetworkShark - Win iPhone X every Month

How to grow your network exponentially?
Hi, I am Ramesh Sinha, founder of SharkID. I have 6129 contacts in my phonebook. If you become Friend with me on SharkID, your 2nd-degree network will grow by 6000 people. On average people have approx 500 contacts, so with every friend you make on SharkID, your network grows. If there are limited friends on SharkID, you will see no mutual friends in most of the cases.

Become #NetworkShark Connect with 100 M Users
Assume that you, your friends & their friend each have 500 unique contacts each in their phonebook. So your phonebook network becomes;
1st Degree (You) - 500 contacts
2nd Degree (Your Friends)- 2.5 Lakh (1st-degree contacts X 500)
3rd Degree (Freinds of Friends) - 12.5 Cr (2nd-degree contact * 500)

How to win iPhone X?
All you have to do is make friends on SharkID. The more friends you make, the bigger the network becomes. The guy with maximum 2nd-degree contact wins iPhone X every month. If you don't win iPhoneX in the first month, don't worry, continue making more friends on SharkID. Some day your network will be the biggest network on the Planet.
Got questions, read Frequently Asked Questions

To Qualify > Make 11 Friends
To qualify in this offer & as #NetworkShark, you have to do 2 things.
- Participate in the Offer
- Make a minimum 11 Freinds on SharkID

#NetworkShark FAQ 
Got more question, do read our FAQ? or call Whatsapp/Call us at 6352016766

Winners of NetwrokT20 offers have a great chance of becoming #NetworkShark
Play Network T20 in your organization with your friends & win it, such that you have edge over other players. Learn more about NetworkT20 offer

Monday, 15 July 2019

SharkID for Professionals

SharkID is shortly launching, professional Version around 15 August, 19. With SharkID you can see mutual friends for any phone number. It will offer the following 10 exclusive benefits;

#Benefit / VersionPubicProfessional
1Mutual Friends 600 Numbers6000 Numbers
2Disable AdvertisementsYesNo
3Message Friend of FriendNoYes, 120 SMS
4Eco Biz CardNoYes
5Free Ad CurrencyNoYes, worth Rs.6000
6Opt out - Who has my numberNoYes
7Opt out - You may also knowNoYes
8Opt out - Mutual FriendsNoYes
9Backup PhonebookNoYes
10Premium User TagNoYes

Pricing: Rs. 750 / Month or Rs. 5999/Year.

18000 Free Subscription to be won
#Subscription Period / WinnersWinnersValue
2Quarterly5000Rs. 2000
3Half Yearly2000Rs. 4000
4Yearly1000Rs. 6000

To win:
- Snap 11 Biz Cards
- Or Invite 11 Contacts
- Or Make 11 Friends

This offer ends on 14th August 2019. To Snap 11 Biz card, or invite 11 contacts or make 11 Friends on or before it to win a free upgrade to Professional Version. Do let us know in comments below if you have any query or mail us at

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

#C09 Reference Check Solution for HR by SharkID

Hiring made easy with SharkID

See Connection
SharkID can tell you as to how the candidate you are interviewing or planning to hire is connected with any of your existing employees. To activate your account, mail us at

Trusted Reference
Get the trusted reference for the candidate you have decided to hire from your existing or ex-employees. To activate your account, mail us at

xEmployee Network
Keep track of your ex-employees as they are working, what designation etc. To activate your account, mail us at

Hire with SharkID
SharkID can help you hire people from your network i.e. Friend of your colleague (2nd degree) or their colleague (3rd degree). On average users have 1000 contacts in their phonebook, if all of them are on SharkID, your 2nd-degree network will be (1Mn  -1K*1K) & your 3rd-degree network will be (1000Mn - 1M*1K). That's the power of SharkID. If you have job openins, do connect with us

What you need to do?
You need to install SharkID App. The more people in your network install the, bigger & richer the network will become. SharkID has was launched in April 2017 & has been installed by 2M+ users as on March 2019.

Monday, 8 July 2019

#U32: Don't save contacts & still be able to connect

We all have to save a contact to call or to send a text? Even if you had to call or send a Whatsappp just once, you have to save a contact.  This results in dead contacts in our phonebook. As per our research, we do not speak with 80% of our contacts, even once a year. It's time to declutter your phonebook.

Solution: Don't save contacts, unless necessary
Now you do not have to save a contact just because you have to call or send text message. But you can still search them if you have called or they have called you even once. If you want to save a contact, you still can.

Whatsapp without saving a mobile number?
You can WhatsApp any contact or non-contact from SharkID. Swipe contact > click on WhatsApp icon > send a message.

Queries, mail us?
If you have any queries, please feel free to post below. We will revert back asap or mail us

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

#C08 - Find friends & reference on the fly

Mubin found that he can reach Ramesh on 2 calls.

SharkID Web- Find Reference on the fly.

Now you can find a reference on the fly using SharkID Web or using your mobile phone.

Give references your users can Trust

People buy when they trust. The increase your sales closures, tell users which of their friends have bought the products or services you are selling. The easiest way to find friends & references is to use SharkID "Find Friends & reference on the fly." You can do it in 2 ways;

Create a Personal Account
When you search for a mobile number using Personal Account, it will show how are you connected i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree.

Mubin found that he can reach Ramesh on 2nd call.

Understanding the degree of separation

At SharkID on 3rd call, you can reach anyone on the planet.
1st degree - Your Contacts
2nd degree - Friends of your Friends (1st degree)
3rd degree - Friends of 2nd degree Friends

Explode your network with SharkID
Suppose you have 1000 Friends on SharkID - 1st Degree
- Assume your 1st-degree contacts have 500 unique friends SharkID - 2nd Degree.
- Also, let's assume Friends of your 2nd-degree friend have 250 unique Friend on SHarkID contacts each  - 3rd Degree
- So on SharkID, your network will be 1000 *500 * 250 = 12.5 Cr
Note: No other Social Network is as powerful as SharkID when it comes to Networking.

Create a Corporate Account
For the company, we can give you an interface where all the employees will be treated as 1st degree. This means when you are searching for someone we can tell you how is that person connected with you or your colleagues. To know more please mail us 

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Monday, 1 July 2019

#C07 - Keep your CRM/ERP updated with SharkID

Change is inevitable   
If you have a company, you will probably have thousands even Lakhs of leads in your CRM. With time this data goes dead. That's because people get promoted, relocated or change their job.  Laborious way keep your records updated is to call/email all the leads in your CRM a few times a year. The smart way is to let SharkID do it for you.

Integrated our API & let us do all the hard work
All you have to do is integrate SharkID API in your system and we will keep your CRM updated as & when users change their contact coordinates, job, address.

To know more please mail us or 

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#C06 Visitor Management Solutions by SharkID

Do you still maintain visitor muster book?
Visitor KYC is very important. So if you are maintaining manual visitor muster book or digitizing in software, SharkID can help you automate this process. Ask your security officer to just take a pic of biz card/I card of a visitor and rest the system will do it.

Solution 1: Scan Biz Cards / I Card of Visitors.

How to scan biz cards?
Step 1: Ask your security personnel to install SharkID
Step 2: Go to SharkID > Menu > Settings > Scan others biz card
Step 3: Enter your email ID for getting the excel file of all cards
Step 4: Start scanning

How to download data?
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Create an account with email id, provided to security officer earlier
Step 3: Download data in excel sheet, biz cards gets auto digitized

Solution 2: Integrate with your Visitor Management Software?
If you are using any VMS, you can integrate our API for visitor KYC.  Contact us for integration purpose.

Solution 3: Mobile number verification if a person doesn't have any ID
It may so happen that person who is visiting you does not have any biz Card or ID. In that case, you can verify his mobile number using OTP. Since mobile number are KYC verified, you will have verified data with you. This services can be integrated with your Visitor Management Software.

Solution 4: Scan visitor SharkID QR Card
Check if the user has SharkID application. If yes, your security guard can scan the visitor SharkID QR code. You will get his name, contact details, biz card, etc. The security guard needs a smartphone with SharkID app installed in it.

Solution 5: Ask Visitor to scan your company QR Code
Print your company QR Code (Like PayTM QR Code) outside your wall. Ask visitors to scan the same using SharkID App. You don't need a security guard to carry out this activity.

What data will you get in return?
Irrespective of the option you choose, you will get the following details
- Visitor Name;
- Company Name
- Designation
- Mobile Number
- Email ID
- Address

If you already have a Visitor Management Software, you can do away with data entry work by integrating SharkID Visitor Management API. For more details, get in touch with you. If you sell Visitor Management Software, we would love to partner with you.

Visitor Analytics
Our software will help you optimize your operations by sharing the following analytics.
- Who visited
- Date & Time of visit
- Frequency of Visit
- How is visitor connected with your employees
- How are you connected with the visitor

Liked the idea. Create an Account. Get Early Adoptors Vouchers worth Rs.1000
To Introduce this in your office, mail us at or & we will revert back to you at the earliest. The first 1000 companies to adopt SharkID Visitors Management solution will get Rs.1000 Gift Voucher.

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