Monday, 29 July 2019

How to invite?

Before you invite friends to install SharkID do the following;
- Find contact who are not on SharkID. Don't spam or invite strangers.
- Call them & explain about SharkID app and why they should install it
- Tell them you will send them invite link via Whatsapp or other messaging tools. 
- Insist that they install the app using your referral link.

How to invite in a few easy steps?
You can invite from Offer or by swiping contact from right to left.

Select offer in which you want your friend & colleagues to particpate

If you have not participated participate in the same & then click invite button

Select Whatsapp or any other messaging tool you wish to use to invite friends & colleagues

Edit or send a message as it is.  Once friend installs SharkID, you will be notified. FWD the last message to multiple friends & colleagues from WhatsApp itself. Do not spam.


Please read the whole blog first & only post that post your queries.