Tuesday, 13 August 2019

How to claim fancy number?

Want to share your 12 digits mobile number, phone number, address, biz card, social handles, email id & much more in less than 1 second. Just share your Fancy Mobile Number a.k.a SharkID.

Hi, I am Ramesh Sinha, Founder of SharkID. If you want my contact coordinates listed below, dial my Fancy Mobile Number SharkID.
- Mobile number, Phone Number, Fax Numer
- My email ID, Website, Blog
- My Biz card
- My address
- My Social handles FB, Insta, Linkedin, Pinterest, Skype

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If you have not claimed your Fancy Mobile Number, follow the below steps

Please ensure you have the latest version of SharkID

Do you know you can search Fancy Mobile number without installing SharkID app

You can change Fancy Mobile Number anytime

You can change your fancy mobile number anytime. 

Claim unique. Keep Publick or Private. If the company, only then keep Public.

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#1 Fancy mobile Number/SharkID for Individuals
#2 Fancy mobile Number/SharkID for Corporate

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