Friday, 9 August 2019

FAQ Refer & Earn

1. How to activate the Offer Participate button?
A. The profile should be complete. Learn more
B. Claim Fancy Mobile Number / SharkID. Learn More

2. Whom to refer?
Invite only contacts & friends. Do not invite strangers as their probability to install the app using your referral link is very less. A better option is first to call your Freinds from SharkID, explain benefits of SharkID & then invite them to install the app.

3. How to refer or how to invite?
Invite only those contacts who are not on SharkID. To learn how to invite click here.

4. My friend didn't install the app using my referral link? Or using someone else link.
Well, the person who referred got paid, so we can't pay you. Next time first call your friend using SharkID app and explain them as to why they should install SharkID. After the call, invite the friend using WhatsApp.

5. I referred to a friend but didn't get Rs.5?
This could be because of the following reasons
1. You haven't referred. Learn how to invite
2. Your Friend didn't install the app using your referral line
3. Your or Your profile is incomplete.
4. You didn't send/receive/accept the friend request.
5. You haven't claimed fancy mobile number
5. Your PayTM number is not KYC verified
5. Your PayTM & SharkID profile number is different

6. My friends installed app but I didn't get Rs. 6
This is because your friend has not invited his/her friends to install SharkID
1. Ask your friend to participate in Refer & Earn Offer
2. Ask your friend to refer a friend
3. Ask your friend to claim Rs. 5 such that you can get Rs. 6.

7. How to redeem?
Go to Offer > Status > Redeem
If you do not see the redeem button, it means you have not referred anyone, your friends have not referred anyone or your payment has lapsed. Open app daily, use it & tell your friend about SharkID benefits before you invite them.

8. Lapsed redeem?
Once you or your friends have referred someone, you have to redeem money within 24 hours. So use SharkID to make calls daily. Check notification & offer Status daily.

9. I don't have PayTM account? My PayTM account is not verified.
Well since we have only one payment wallet integrated with SharkID, we cannot pay you by any other means. Kindly install PayTM app.

10. Why profile should be 100% complete?
When someone calls you, you can see his name & profile picture. If you become friends with the caller on SharkID, the caller can see your email, address, social handles, hashtag, emergency etc. If your profile is complete, your friend will have all your social coordinates and hence completing your profile is necessary. If your profile is incomplete, you cannot redeem money.

11. Why sending/accepting friend request is mandatory?
That's because it will help you grow your network. Assume that you, your friends & their friends have 500 contacts each in their phonebook. So your network on SharkID will be 12.5 Cr people as illustrated below.  The more contacts & friends you have on SharkID, the bigger your network will be.

1st Degree - 500 Friends
2nd Degree - 250000 (1st-degree friends * 500)
3rd Degree - 125000000 (2nd degree * 500 )

12. What's 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree network?
1st Degree - Are your Friends on SharkID
2nd Degree  - Are unique contacts of your 1st-degree contacts
3rd Degree  - Are unique contacts of your 2nd-degree contacts
More friends you have, bigger the network you have.

13. Your SharkID profile should be complete
Ensure that your profile is complete such that you can participate in all offer. This is just a one-time activity. To edit profile go to Menu > Click profile picture > click on yellow pen icon (edit) > all below fields.
1- Select Gender Male or Female
2- Add Profile Picture
3- Add actual name & surname without spelling mistake
4- Add Hashtags
5- Add secondary Mobile Number & verity it (OTP)
6- Add email ID & verify it
7- Add emergency contact Name & Number
8- Add home address, city, state, country, pincode
9- Add GeoTag
10- Add Date of Birth
11- Add Blood Group
12- Add Social Handles (optional)
13- Claim Fancy Number. Learn More

For support: Whatsapp/Call us at 6352016766


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