Thursday, 27 June 2019

#C02 Resuable Eco Friendly Biz Card by SharkID

Introducing Reusable Eco-Friendly Biz Card > Scanning Friendly
Now get reusable biz cards for all your employees which are OCR friendly. Since they are cost-effective @Rs.10/Card, you can issue this biz card to each & every employee and make them feel that they are equally important.

# Benefits to Individuals:
Benefit 1: Scan Cards > Save Trees
Reusable biz cards can be scanned using any card scanner app like SharkID.  Plus when you scan cards, you save Trees. You can use SharkID app to even scan paper biz card. So next time take card > scan it > return it & save future trees from being killed.

Benefits 2: Scan Cards > Plant Trees
Every time you scan 10 biz cards on SharkID, SharkID will plant a tree sapling. So do your bit to save the environment, scan more trees to get more trees planted.

Benefit 3: Know who all have scanned your card
When people scan your biz card, you will receive their card using our reverse sync technology.  Even if you are not a SharkID user, you will get the detail via SMS/Email.

Benefit 4: Know mutual friend & reference
SharkID SharkID can find mutual friends of the person who scanned the card. If the person is not in your network SharkID will find reference i.e. if any of your friends know the person who scanned the card. Your Friend (1st degree) or their friend (2nd degree) knows the person who scanned your card.

Benefit 5: Never go out of touch, stay updated
With SharkID you never go out touch. If the person who scanned your card if he changes his job, gets promoted or relocated, you will get the new contact coordinates.

Ask for your Demo:
For Demo, please mail us at, or message us on our FB, Linkedin, Insta page.

# Benefits to Company
Benefit 1: Who all scanned your employee biz cards
Biz cards are company property. Hence ever time it gets scanned, the company will get an update. You can track how many people on the planet have scanned your employee's biz cards.

Benefit 2: How are your employees connected with lead
Companies can track how many employees & lead connected.

Benefit 3: How are you connected with employees of the lead company
Companies can also track how many employees are there in the lead company & how are you connected with them.

Benefit 4: Stay connected with all your leads
In Future, if a Lead gets promoted, relocated, or changes the job you will get updates and thus stay in touch with all your customer, forever.

Ask for your Demo:
For Demo, please mail us at, or message us on our FB, Linkedin, Insta page.

Anyone person has to scan Card?
When we exchange physical biz card, both user share cards. But when you scan SharkID, only one person has to scan biz card. The other person whose card was scanned will get biz card using SharkID reverse sync method.

How to get Reusable Biz Cards for Free?
Send us your employee data in CSV/Excel format containing the following details
- Name
- Designation
- Mobile Number
- Email ID
- Land line Number

Also, send across company details like
- Company Name
- Logo
- Address
- Land Lines
- Fax Number
- Website URL

Ask for your Demo:
For Demo, please mail us at, or message us on our FB, Linkedin, Insta page.

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