Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Shark ID Offer Terms & Conditions


01: When you click on the participate button, it means you read offer terms & conditions & have understood as how the quiz or competition works and you agree to our Terms & conditions in totality.
02:  You have the latest version of Shark ID app installed in your phone.
03: Your primary number mapped with SharkID & PayTM account should be same, if you wish to redeem cash reward. If you have 2 or more mobile numbers, please add all those number to your SharkID Profile.
04: Do not create 2 Shark ID accounts if you have 2 mobile numbers. 
05: This offer cannot be clubbed with other offers.
06: Shark ID reserves the right to modify or withdraw the offer without giving any prior notice
07: For all-purpose, jurisdiction applicable will be Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
08: If you wish to get in touch with us, mail us at support@sharkid.in
09: Do rate us on Google Play store or Apple app store
10: Do follow us on Shark ID Facebook Page
11: Shark Identity Pvt Ltd app terms and services applied
12: In case of any discrepancy, the  English blog will hold true
13: Do not use scripts to create fake/dummy accounts or police case can be filed against you.
14: Work as per the Information Technology Act 2000 of Govt. of India 
15: Do not spam
16: Please ensure your profile is complete. If your profile is marked as junk, you will be debarred from participating
- First Name
- Last Name
- Verified Email Address
- Address
- Date of Birth
- Blood Group
- Hashtag
- Emergency Name & Number
- SharkID
- Profile Picture
17. Ensure that SharkID is your default phonebook app
18. Ensure that you open SharkID app, at least once a day. Even if caller ID pops up, it counts as active usage.
19. Make all calls from SharkID app using SharkID dialer.