Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Visitor Management Solutions for Societies

Visitor Management Solutions for Societies

If you are physically maintaining a visitor register in your society, it's time you go digital. Introducing SharkID - Visitor Management Solution for Smart Societies.  Watch Video

It's an easy single-step process.
> Visitors have to give just a miss call on Society Number / Security Officer Number
> Security Guard has to just adds House Number the visitor wishes to visit. 

Rest everything is provided by SharkID the social phonebook app
- Phone Number
- Name
- Date & Time
- Location
- Company Name (if available)

Key Benefits:
- Conveniences
- No need to install app
- Free (miss calls are free)

Additional Benefits to society
- Digital Visitor Record
- Accurate Data
- Analytics of visitors
- Download data as & when required
- Maintain social distancing (No need to touch or fill visitor register)
- Contact Tracing in case of Covid Cases
- 100% Secure data i.e. cannot be copied

Get Started - It takes less than a few minutes
Step 1 - Install SharkID app from Google Playstore
Step 2 - Set up your society 
Step 3 - Post a Poster at society entrance with Mobile Number of security guard

You are ready. Give a miss call & test it.

For Support, contact
Name - Venu Rathore
Number - +91-99099 95955
Email ID - support@sharkid.in

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