Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Feature 8: Know who has saved your number?

1. Know who has your number?
Over & above friend, family, colleagues & acquaintances, a lot many strangers have our number saved in their phonebook. Now you can know them.
- Click on My Network icon (before gift box on app header)
- Click no Who has my number
- View the list (If you are new user, it takes 24 hours to generate list)

2. How to safe guard your privacy?
It is possible that your contacts may have shared your number with strangers & they in turn might have shared your number with other tele callers, spammers, strangers, etc. Since now you can know who has your number, you can block them and thus avoid future calls, messages.

3. How to block strangers who have your mobile number in their phonebook?
Step 1: Open who has my number
Step 2: Select  stranger you wish to block & swipe left to right
Step 3: Click on Block icon

4. Keep exploring, you may find lost friends
Have you lost touch with old contacts, worry not. If they still have your number saved in their phonebook, their name will pop up in "who has my number" feature. This way Shark ID can help you get in touch with lost friends, again.

5. Who still has my old number? Upcoming feature
If you had a old number then you can still know how many of contacts still have it. Then you can notify them about your new number.  This magic will happen because of our strong backend embedded AI. Currently we are testing this feature.

6. I do not see any contacts under "Who has my number"?
This could be because of following reasons
- You are a new users. It takes 48 hours to generate the list for the first time
- You have not explored all the features of the app
- You have not made any friends on Shark ID yet
- None of our 2.5 Mn users have your number saved


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