Friday, 8 May 2020

Shark Shop eToken System for Merchants

Shark Shop is eToken system which Merchants can activate to give tokens to their customers. Its extremely easy to use and affordable too.

#1 When you step outside your house, to buy groceries, vegetables or dairy products, other customers are also out there shopping.

#2 This increases your chances of catching the Virus. A simple & effective solution is when you go shopping, there is no one around you. This is possible with SharkID Tokens.

#3 This is how SharkID Tokens works.

All you have to do is give shop you wish to visit a miss call
You'll get your token along with date & time via SMS.

#4 This way when you are out there shopping, you are the only one around.Simple isn't it.

Benefits of Shark Shop for Merchants
- eliminates crowd gathering and long queues
- maintains social distancing
- easy to use
- cost effective
- Intelligent customer management

How to Register a Shop
- Download SharkID
- Open main menu >> Register your Shop
- Enter Shop Details
- Click Schedule a Time

Set Shop Timings
- Select Open and Close days
- Average Handle Time (Time taken to serve one customer)
- Total Appointment Per Slot (No. of customers you want to handle in one slot)
- Working  Hours (Enter Start time and End time)
- Break Time (Enter lunch hours)
- CLICK ON SAVE (Top right hand corner)

Enter the activation code
To activate Shark Shop eToken, you have to enter a valid activation code. If you do not have an activation code, you can email us on with the subject : Activation Code for Shark Shop. Alternatively you can contact SharkID Brand Ambassador to get Activation Code.

- After successfully entering Activation Code your Shark Shop eToken facility will be activated.
- You will get a Notification Alert in SharkID containing all the details
- You will also get SMS for the same.
- Note - Xiaomi - Mi users have to make certain changes in App Settings to activate Shark Token. Scroll at the bottom of the page to learn more.

For Support Call - +91-6352016766

FREE Service
- You will get 100 SMS Credit for FREE to experience SharkID eToken facility
- After 100 SMS Credits are exhausted, you have to recharge SMS credits.
- You only have to pay for SMS recharge.
- Shark Shop software comes totally FREE with the recharge

How to Use Shark Shop
- Share your SharkID mobile number with your customers/visitors.
- Ask them to give a missed call to generate an appointment.
- Customers will receive a confirmation eToken SMS on giving a missed call.
- eToken SMS would contain appointment time, date, and token number.

Note - Even non SharkID users can get eToken.

How to Refer a Shop
- Open SharkID >> Main Menu
- Offers & Deals
- India Fight Against CoronaVirus Banner
- Click Invite

How to Recharge
- Once your FREE credit expires, you will not be able to avail Shark Shop eToken facility
- You can recharge with minimum Rs.1000 (1000 SMSes) OR in multiple of Rs.1000
- To make the payments via PayTM wallet, scan the below mentioned QR code
- After successfully transferring recharge amount, please send your PayTm registered mobile number, transaction id and order id to
- After receiving your email, we will credit your SMS wallet in 1 hr.

Note - The QR Code will also be sent as Notification Alert in  SharkID

Shark Shop Settings
For making any changes in Shop Name, Address, Pin Code or to Edit Schedule, please click

SharkID Main Menu >> Shop Settings
- You can edit your Name & Surname, Shop Name, Address, and Pin Code
- Click on Edit Schedule to make changes in Shop Schedule
- Your SMS balance will be shown at the bottom.
- Check on Send Token Manually option if you want to send tokens manually. To send SMS automatically, keep the settings as it is.

Xiaomi - Mi Mobile Settings

- Open Settings >> Click on Permissions >> Click on Autostart

- Click on SharkID and Turn ON the autostart botton.

For Support Call - +91-6352016766

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