Monday, 18 May 2020

India War Against Coronavirus

India War Against Coronavirus
Lead army of 101 Soldiers & earn Rs. 3 Lakh/Month

#1 Train your Soldiers, how to fight Coronavirus

A. To kill Coronavirus your army has to do 3 things;
1 - Always Wear Mask, Frequently Wash Hands
2 - Stand in Queue & maintain social distance
3 - Avoid crowds when you go shopping

B. How Shops can avoid crowds?
1. Ask Shops to issue eTokens to customers to avoid the crowd at the shop
2. Customer can issue eToken vis SMS by simply giving a miss call to shop owner
3. Shop confidently avoid crowds by maintaining social distance
Remember No Crowd. No Contact. No Coronavirus

#2 How to build your army of  101 Soldiers?
1. Set up your dummy shop on SharkID - Learn how?
2. Educate 101 Contacts / Soldiers how to fight Coronavirus - refer #1 above
3. Ask them to give you a miss call & see how easy it is to get eToken
Ask 101 unique contacts give you a miss call to get eToken, if they call, they will become your army.

#3 How to WIN the war against coronavirus
- Ask your 101 Soldiers to  participate in "War Against Coronavirus"
- Ask them to demonstrate eToken to their neighborhood shops
- When a Shop signs up, they get Rs. 501

Commander, you can earn Rs. 3 Lakh/Month:
For every shop that your soldier signs up, you get Rs. 101

1 Soldiers sign up 1 Shop/Day or 30 Per month
So 101 Soldier will sign up 101*30 = 3000 Shops approx
On every shop you get Rs.101
So you Total monthly earning can be 3000 Shops * Rs. 101/Shop = 3 Lakh/Month

How much a Soldier Earns:
A Shop owner has to pay Rs. 1000 for getting 1000 Tokens 
Out of Rs.1000, Soldier will get Rs.500
So if a Soldier refers 30 Shops a month, he can earn Rs. 15000

Bonus: As a Commander, even you can refer to Shops & earn Rs. 501/Shop

Key Conditions:
- Your Army will consist of 101 unique soldiers or contact
- To join your army, your 101 contacts have to give you a miss call & get eToken
- Ask them to participate in India War Against Coronavirus Offers
- We are looking for only 1000 Commanders across India, so hurry
- Shark ID reserves the right to change the offer or end the war against coronavirus
- Sign up using mobile number mapped with PayTM Account
- Do not cheat, this is India War Against Coronavirus

Knowledge Console:
- Learn how to set up a shop & get eTokens? Click Here
- Learn how to refer a Shop? Click Here
- Learn how to collect payments? Click Here

How to Participate:
It is compulsory to Register Your Shop before participating in the offer to earn Rs.101/-

- Open SharkID >> Main Menu
- Offers & Deals
- Click on India War Against Corona banner
- Read offer description and terms and condition
- Click PARTICIPATE button

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